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Welcome to History at St Aloysius' College

Mrs G. Rimmer (Head of Department)
Mr J. Neville
Mr M. Crowley
Mr J. Watts

In Key Stage three we follow a course in British History from 1066 to the Modern Age including an in-depth study on Black Peoples of the Americas and the Twentieth Century World.

Year 7 Topics

Autumn term

Introduction to ‘What is History?’ Medieval Realms: 1066 – 1485. This includes the Battle of Hastings, the Medieval Church, Henry II and Thomas Becket, King John and Magna Carta.

Spring term

Life in the Middle Ages: A study of the Black Death and its consequences for life in England. The Peasants Revolt and the War of the Roses

Summer term

The Tudor Age: Henry VIII and the changes to the Church, Bloody Mary, The Age of Elizabeth I.


Year 8 Topics

Autumn Term

1. The causes and consequences of the English Civil War: 1625 - 1649.

2. The Rule of Cromwell, The Glorious Revolution & Black People of the Americas.

3. Enquiry on Timbuktu

Spring Term

1. The Industrial Revolutiuon 1750 - 1900.

2. The growth of factories & technology and the impact on Victorian society.

3. A focus study on political rights.

Summer Term

The Great War 1914 - 1918

1. Depth Study of WW1 Battle.

2. Soldiers of the Empire.

3. Impact of the war.


Year 9 Topics

Autumn Term

1. Europe between the wars, from Russian Revolution to the rise of Hitler & the Nazis.

2. WW2 1939 - 1945

  • Depth study of key WW2 battles
  • Debate over the necessity of dropping nuclear bomb
  • Depth study of the Holocaust
  • Spring Term

    USA 1919 - 1941

  • Boom to bust - 'The Roaring Twenties.'
  • Prohibition & Gangsters
  • Flappers
  • Wall St. Crash & the Great Depression
  • Study of The New Deal
  • USSR 1919 - 1938

  • Rule of the Tsar
  • Russian Revolution
  • Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin & the battle for leadership
  • The Purges
  • Collectivisation

    Summer Term

    The Second World War: 1939-1945 Pupils are taught to know and understand the key events and to develop key historical skills such as interpretation, analysis and evaluation of historical evidence. Pupils are also encouraged to visit historical sites and read widely on the topics they are studying. Every year pupils have to complete their own research on a key topic and produce a project/presentation as part of their assessment.

    We would recommend visits to the following museums to help pupils with their study:

    • The Imperial War Museum
    • The Museum of London
    • HMS Belfast
    • The Greenwich museum
    • Tower of London
  • GCSE History

    GCSE History is a very popular option choice. We study Modern World History (Edexcel A). We focus our study on:

    1. Germany 1918 - 1939

    Unit One: Weimar Republic

  • Origins and early problems
  • Economic problems
  • Foreign policy under Stresseman
  • Unit two: Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party 1919 - 1932

  • Growth of the party
  • Impact of Depression
  • Role of Hitler, Goebbels, von Papen
  • Role of SA
  • Unit three: Nazi Dictatorship 1933 - 1939

  • Removal of Opposition
  • Nazi policies
  • Employment and living standards
  • Domestic policies
  • 2. The Era of the Cold War 1943 - 1991

    Unit One: How did the Cold War develop? 1943 - 1956

    Unit Two: The Cold War crisis

  • Berlin 1958 - 1963
  • Czechoslovakia 1968
  • Detente
  • Unit Three: End of the Cold War 1979 - 1991

    3. War and the Transformation of British Society 1931 - 1951

    Unit One: The impact of the Depression

    Unit Two: Britain at War

    Unit Three: The Home Front

    Unit Four: Labour in Power

    4. Coursework

    The USA: A Divided Union 1945 - 1970

  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Black Nationalism
  • Women and Student Movement

    A-Level History

    A-Level: From September 2015 A-level History has proved to be a popular subject. We study: OCR A-level History

    • Westward expansion: The USA 1803-1890. This includes the expansion of American society, conflict with native Americans and the US Civil War.
    • Early Stuarts & The Origins of the Civil War 1605 to 1660.
    • Rise of German Nationalism 1789 - 1919, and includes the themes of political power, ideology and conflict.

    Students have gone on to study History at Sussex, Queen Mary, Goldsmiths and Bristol with results which are 98% A-C at A-level


    History News

    The History Department is looking forward to our trip to America (New York & Boston) in October 2015 and planning a trip to Rome and Pompeii in October 2016.

    We are also planning the following trips:

    1. Year 8/9 Battlefields Trip (Somme or Ypres) June 2016.

    2. HMS Belfast.

    3. London Tombs.

    (Trip 2 & 3 are reward trips for Year 8 competition winners on modern day slaves)

    4. Synagogue in Belsize Park - February 2016 (Holocaust Memorial Day).

    5. Future trip to Italy.


    Term Dates

    Term Dates

    Summer Term 2017
    Friday 21st July Last Day of Summer Term (Staff and Pupils)
    Autumn Term 2017
    Monday 4th September First Day of Autumn Term (Staff and Year 7 Pupils only) Year 7 to start school at 1pm
    Tuesday 5th September First Day of Autumn Term (Years 8, 9, 10 & 11)
    Friday 20th October Last Day of Half Term
    Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October Half Term Break
    Monday 30th October First Day of 2nd Half of Term (Staff and Pupils)
    Thursday 21st December Last Day of Autumn Term
    Spring Term 2018
    Wednesday 3rd January First Day of Spring Term (Staff and Pupils)
    Friday 9th February Last Day of Half Term
    Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February Half Term Break
    Monday 19th February First Day of 2nd Half of Term (Staff and Pupils)
    Thursday 29th March Last Day of Spring Term
    Friday 30th March - Friday 13th April Spring Term Break
    Summer Term 2018
    Monday 16th April First Day of Summer Term (Staff and Pupils)
    Friday 25th May Last Day of Half Term
    Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June Half Term Break
    Monday 4th June First Day of 2nd Half of Term (Staff and Pupils)
    Friday 20th July Last Day of Summer Term

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    JULY 2017

  • AUGUST 2017

  • THU 17TH - Sixth Form AS & A Level Results Day, 8am to 11.30am

  • THU 24TH - YR 11 GCSE Results Day

  • THU 24TH - YR 12 Enrolment
  • SEPTEMBER 2017

  • MON 4TH - Year 12 into Year 13 Enrolment, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

  • WED 6TH - New Year 12 students' Induction, 8.50am

  • THU 7TH - New Year 13 students' Induction, 8.50am

  • THU 7TH - Start of lessons for all Sixth Formers
  • OCTOBER 2017

  • WED 4TH - Secondary Transfer Open Evening, 5pm - Head's talk begins at 6pm

  • SAT 7TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.30am to 11am

  • TUE 10TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.15am to 10.30am

  • WED 11TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.15am to 10.30am

  • THU 12TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.15am to 10.30am