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Foreign Languages

Welcome to Foreign Languages at St Aloysius' College


Mr D. Gaye French (Head of Department)
Ms C. Mauris-Blanc French (Head of Sixth Form)
Mr M. Garcia Spanish
Mrs A. Ginatta French
Mr N. Poveda Spanish
Miss O. Kerr TA

The Modern Foreign Languages Department at St Aloysius’ College aims to install in every pupil the highest degree of confidence, fluency and enjoyment.

Through learning to speak a foreign language , pupils understand and appreciate different countries, cultures, people and communities – and, as they do so, begin to think of themselves as citizens of the world as well as of the United Kingdom. Pupils also learn about the basic structures of languages through the four skills ( Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

Pupils are also encouraged to grow into the Catholic faith and self worth through the broadening of both interest and intellect, but especially through the sense of achievement.

We study both French and Spanish at St. Aloysius

foreign languages foreign languages
foreign languages foreign languages

Course outline. French - Spanish

Modern Languages at Key Stage 3: Students follow the National Curriculum.

In Year 7 students study either French or Spanish. They are taught in mixed ability tutor groups but they are put into sets at the end of the academic year before they move to year 8.

Students learn about the basic structures, nouns, verbs, adjectives and everyday A

In Year 8 students past and future tense are introduced, as well as more descriptive language.

In Year 9 students read more and use more complex language to talk about the Spanish/ French Speaking Countries, the Perfect Tense, the Near Future, the Imperfect Tense, Healthy Eating, the News etc.


Students are assessed on their progress in listening , speaking, reading and writing in the target language. They are assessed every half term and a level given.

National curriculum levels are also given for some classwork, homework and end of unit tests.

There are also Christmas exams and end of year exams in both French and Spanish.


Students are asked to do one homework a week, whether a learning homework or a written homework. But students are expected to learn and revise vocabulary regularly at home.

Sometimes, students may be asked to research an aspect of French or Spanish life or that a Francophone or Hispanic country.



  • Metro 1
  • Metro 2 (Rouge- Vert)
  • Metro 3 (Rouge- Vert)


  • Listos 1, 2, 3

Specific arrangements for ensuring equality of opportunity

Differentiation is increasingly being built into schemes and the special Needs department is being consulted in order to improve our provision for students of all abilities.

Bilingual Students who speak at home, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish may take their GCSE early in the appropriate language.

Contact Abroad

A day trip is to France is organised once a year.

Gifted and talented students go to an Educational visit to La Rochette or to Normandy (France)

The department is also linked with another language department of a Catholic school in Castres, France (College Technique Saint- Joseph).

How parents can help

Parental support is invaluable in reinforcing the value of language learning, especially with the introduction of the E. Baccalaureate.

Parents should provide a simple bilingual dictionary which can be used at home and make sure their son does his homework.

They can also encourage their son to use these useful websites:

Modern Languages at Key Stage 4

Qualification: GCSE

Exam board: AQA

Why languages?

It is all about communication between people. Just think about the enjoyment and satisfaction in being able to talk to someone in their language. With the introduction of the English Baccalaureate, you have the chance to develop new friendships, to gain an understanding of a different culture, to have a better knowledge of how other people think, live and to see how they view the world.

At St Aloysius’ College almost 80% of our students take a language up to GCSE.

Course outline/ Assessment % breakdown (controlled assessments and external exam)

Year 10

Autumn Term (Speaking and Writing) - Controlled assessment 1

Spring Term (Speaking and writing) – Controlled assessment 2

Summer Term- preparation for the reading and listening final exam in year 11, eg: Poverty/Racism/Drugs/Alcohol etc

Year 11

Listening and Reading

Year 11 topics and preparation for the final exam in May/ June.

Unit 1: Listening:

Examination – 20%

30 minutes at Foundation Level

40 minutes at higher Level

Unit 2 : Reading

Examination – 20%

30 minutes at Foundation Level

40 minutes at Higher Level

Unit 3: Speaking:

Controlled assessment - 30%

Two tasks to be prepared, each for 4-6 minutes

Which the student will perform with the teacher.

Unit 4: Writing

Controlled assessment – 30%

During the course students will prepare two pieces of coursework

Which they will write under the supervision of the teacher.

Students will have the chance to choose two topics that have appeal to them

during the course.

Tier of entry

Higher and foundation are both available in Reading and Listening for the final exam in Year 11.

Speaking and writing are not tiered and are assessed by outcome.

Course description

What are the skills that you will develop?

As you progress during the course, you are expected to become more confident


5. to deal with unpredictable situations

6. to understand a wide range of language and structures

7. to be able to give your opinions

8. to be able to describe and give accounts

Year 10

  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles
  • Free time activities
  • Media
  • Fashion, shopping and new technology
  • Holidays
foreign languages

Year 11

  • Home and the local area
  • Special occasions
  • Being environmentally friendly
  • Type of jobs ( advantage - disadvantage)
  • The pressures and problems of school

Useful websites

MFL : AS Levels / A2

As St Aloysius’ college is part of the Sixth Form Consortium in Islington, the MFL Dept is offering French and Spanish in Year 12.

Please call the Head of dept for further details.

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