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English as an Additional Language

Welcome to EAL at St Aloysius' College


Mrs H Flavin Head of EAL/EMA
Mrs S Hunter Teaching Assistant
Ms B Jastrzab Teaching Assistant

The department monitors English as an additional Language (EAL) pupil’ language targets and also provides effective language support in classes, after school homework club and literacy club. In addition, we organise various internal and external community activities including trips to the London School of Economics, Kew Gardens, History through Culture events, Christmas luncheon. Our Pupils’ Volunteer Programme also supports local communities by hosting volunteer outreach programmes to help others in their communities such as Food and Clothes Christmas collection for St Gabriel’s Community Centre, Christian Aid, to help victims of natural disasters, Tea Party for the local Nursing home.

Learning Support Programme:

  1. Homework/Coursework Support; offers help and support to EAL/EMA pupils with their homework or coursework in different subjects after school
  2. Literacy Club: for EAL targeted pupils that have level 3 or below in Literacy
  3. KS3/KS4 ESOL lessons: to develop their cognitive academic language proficiency this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing
  4. Edexcel ESOL exam in listening and speaking, reading and writing. Entry 1 to Level 2.
  5. Pupil Volunteer Group: Support in community events
  6. Parent Volunteer Group: Parent workshops
  7. Mother Tongue Supplementary Language classes. Information about community schools in Islington.

Upcoming Events

Summer Term

Refugee week is the 16th of June, but due to our internal exams with will have our annual Refugee Charity Walk on Monday 30th June, and a trip to the Jewish Museum on the 3rd July.


History through Culture Celebrations

  • Black History Month Conference
  • Year 7 History Game - Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (After school)
  • Year 7 Poetry Competition
  • Teacher Poetry Reading
  • Parent Poetry Readings Assemblies

Enrichment Week

  • End of term reward trip to the Science Museum


  • EAL Parents Evening
  • Parents ICT/Homework Support Workshop


  • Christmas Luncheon
  • Christmas Charity Food and Clothes Collection
  • Tea Party at local Nursing Home.

Past events

Culture Fest 29th June 2012. The pictures below are from the culture fest celebrated on June 29th 2012. St Aloysius celebrated the cultural diversity of the school with music, dance and food from around the world.

Refugee and Diversity Charity Walk 2012. There are some photos below of the walk. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness within our community about cultural diversity and at the same time to raise money towards a refugee fund for various communities in need. St Aloysius boys managed to raise £ 420.00

Refugee Week. As part of Refugee week St Aloysius College hold a football torunament. The Ghanaian Team won the tournament after beating the rets of the world team on penalties. You can see some photos from this event below.

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Charity Walk to Crouch End

St Aloysius' College's 4th Annual Refugee Walk to Crouch End took place on Monday 1st July. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness within our community about cultural diversity. This is a sponsored event and all the proceeds are donated to a refugee fund for various communities in need. Pupils and staff enjoyed the walk through the streets of Crouch End.

5-a-side Football Tournament 4th July

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The football tournament took place on Thursday 4th July after school with great participation from different teams. There were 7 teams representing various countries. It was a really exciting tounament that ended with the Latin American team winning the tournament. A very big thank-you to the BTEC Sport Pupils: Jervis Tasinda and Noel Omondi. They provided excellent sports leadership for a successful tournament.

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Black History Month - October 2012

Assembly Presentations

Presentations during assemblies by Year 8 pupils.






*Black History Month Quiz

Year 7

Topics about Black History Month: Entertainment, Science, Literature, History

*Kente Cloth Art competition

Year 8 Design your own kente cloth.

*Black History Month Conference

Years 8, 9, 10 and 11

5th Annual LSE “Black to the Future” Conference.

*Staff Poetry through Culture

Teachers will be visiting classes and read poetry from different cultures.

  • Mr Mannion “The wild swans at Coole” by William Bulter Yeats
  • Ms Sogojeva “Serenity” by Wayne Visser
  • Mr Neville “A Northern Suburb” by John Davidson
  • Ms Ginatta “Wind at Tindari” by Salvatore Quasimodo
  • Mr Mahmoud “It flows with it” by Sheka Kamara
  • Mr Earl Grant “A so me tawk” by Margaret Juliet Bailey
  • Ms Husbands “A year of smiles and sunshine” by Kathleen Catfold
  • Mr Conlan “And Im talking to strangers” by Luke Timms
  • Mr Mainoo “It’s an election year” by Robert Chireboah-Ansah
  • Mr McAuley “The song of wandering Aengus” by W.B. Yeats
  • Mr Crowley “Friday, after school” By Stephen Knight

St Aloysius Christmas Charity Food Collection - December 2012

On Thursday 13rd December St Aloysius College held its 3rd Annual Christmas Charity food collection. There was a non- uniform day and pupils were required to bring tinned or non-perishable food items to donate.

Pupils volunteers helped to collect and organise the surplus of donations into different food parcels.

This year we had the biggest food collection ever that we are able to help more people in need.

We would like to thank pupils, parents and staff for their support.

EAL Christmas Luncheon - December 2012

Every year the EAL Department organises a Christmas Luncheon. Boys and staff brought traditional dishes from all over the world to share with others. We enjoyed a variety of food from a cake from Russia, rice chicken from Jamaica, empanadas from Ecuador, pan de bono from Colombia, spicy pasta from Erithrea and many more.

Charity Collection Campaign

This year our Student Volunteer Group helped to raise money for MAG (Mines Advisory Group) a humanitarian organisation that works with conflict-affected communities to identify their needs, removing land-mines and unexploded ordnance and helping those people in contaminated areas live more safely.

Our Student Volunteer Group went down to the Archway area to campaing and collect money for this charity.

Student Volunteers:

  • Morgan Bolikango 9K
  • Guynel henriet 8R
  • Wycleff Kiasunga 9K
  • Berny Mabika 8E
  • Natan Balakowski 9G
  • Jakub Morszczyzna 10P
  • Anthony Okonkwo 10K
  • Alexander Owuadey 9E
  • Jordan Webb 10E
  • Ricardo Nuno 10G
  • Ahmed Fayaz 10G

St. Gabriel's Community Centre

As part of our Christmas food collection, our Student Volunteer Group helped to deliver the food collected to our local charity St Gabriel's Community Centre, which helps homeless and people in need.

Our Volunteers as usual were very enthusiastic and helpful.

  • Boris Palic 9G
  • Martin Rengifo 9P
  • Robert Baucz 9E
  • Kevin Alvan 9E
  • Jakub Smolka 9R
  • Yfien Asmelash 9E
  • Nicolai Rios 9K
  • Danny Moya 10R
  • Santiago Bracho 10R
  • Bismark Oduro-Kuoranteng 10E

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