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Design and Technology

Welcome to the Design Technology department at St. Aloysius' College


Mr. E. Frazer / Head of Design Technology
Mr. J. Harvey


Design and Technology is taught in mixed ability groups to all students in KS3/4 using the Design and Technology classrooms to enable students to experience Product Design, Resistant Materials and Food Technology. It is a core subject at the foundation curriculum level KS3 (Year7/8). It is then opted for at KS4 (Year 9-11). Students’ knowledge is built upon year-on-year allowing students to cover topics in more depth.

Students experience 200 minutes of Design and Technology in Years 7, 8, 9 and 5 hours in Years 10 and 11 over a 10 day period.


The foundation curriculum is designed to challenge and enrich students through the development of specific knowledge and skills. Students develop the fundamental key skills of the subject through a series of exciting projects, practical focus tasks and topics within the areas of problem solving, research, communication and drawing skills. Some of the projects offered in Year 7 and 8 includes: Key fob, Maze game in a gift box, structures Cooking and Nutrition, Mechanical Toy, Clock project and CAD/CAM.



Throughout the year, students will be taught a comprehensive range of graphical communication techniques that will be used to convey the design section (Unit 2) of their Controlled Assessment folders in Years 10 and 11. They will also be given the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials and the equipment available within the department (including CAD/CAM) to enable them to build their confidence of workshop and industrial manufacturing techniques.

Spring Term

Introduction to the AQA – GCSE short course

Students follow the generic one year AQA Design Technology GCSE short course designed to develop students’ design and making skills. The course requires them to design and make a product with potential for commercial production. Students will manufacture their designs and test and evaluate their success. Students will then be prepared for the end of school year examination.

Year 10/11 – AQA GCSE Product Design/Resistant Materials

Syllabus Information – outlining what students will be studying.

This is a two year course and students can choose a route of study, through Product Design or Resistant Materials. The Syllabus is taught through the process of designing and making products covering some of the following areas:

  • Research and Product analysis
  • Design skills
  • Theory of materials and properties
  • Production systems in manufacturing
  • Practical workshop skills in making products


Design and Make Controlled Assessment Task (60%)

In Year 10, students will be building on the knowledge and skills gained in Year 9 and applying them to their chosen Controlled Assessment Task taken from a selection offered by the exam board. They will be expected to design and make a single product and provide a portfolio of supporting design and practical work of approximately 20 – A3 sheets to be partially completed in Year 10.

The focus of the controlled assessment is on product development and producing a demanding practical outcome that is suitable for the target market. Students will be encouraged to develop originality in their design work and take appropriate risks to promote creativity within their design folder.

Exam (40%) – Year 11

This is a 2 hour examination taken in the Summer of Year 11. It will be mainly design based but with many material based questions. Other topics such as the environment, ergonomics and manufacturing often feature in the exam. All remaining controlled assessment tasks will be completed in Year 11 with the main focus on teaching the theoretical aspects of the course and preparing students for their 2 hours written exam which constitutes 40% of their overall mark.


An interest in designing and making well constructed products, with the emphasis on quality finish in a variety of processes. You will need to develop your knowledge of how real products are manufactured in industry.

You will learn how to use a range of specialist CAD/CAM software to help design and make products. A lot of time will be spent developing the skills needed to make products and models using a range of workshop tools and equipment.


This option would enable progression to AS and A2 in Design Technology. A-level Product Design/Resistant Material courses is a valuable qualification for students who intend to progress on to a design related degree in Architecture, various Engineering disciplines and Industrial design courses.

Term Dates

Term Dates

Summer Term 2017
Friday 21st July Last Day of Summer Term (Staff and Pupils)
Autumn Term 2017
Monday 4th September First Day of Autumn Term (Staff and Year 7 Pupils only) Year 7 to start school at 1pm
Tuesday 5th September First Day of Autumn Term (Years 8, 9, 10 & 11)
Friday 20th October Last Day of Half Term
Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October Half Term Break
Monday 30th October First Day of 2nd Half of Term (Staff and Pupils)
Thursday 21st December Last Day of Autumn Term
Spring Term 2018
Wednesday 3rd January First Day of Spring Term (Staff and Pupils)
Friday 9th February Last Day of Half Term
Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February Half Term Break
Monday 19th February First Day of 2nd Half of Term (Staff and Pupils)
Thursday 29th March Last Day of Spring Term
Friday 30th March - Friday 13th April Spring Term Break
Summer Term 2018
Monday 16th April First Day of Summer Term (Staff and Pupils)
Friday 25th May Last Day of Half Term
Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June Half Term Break
Monday 4th June First Day of 2nd Half of Term (Staff and Pupils)
Friday 20th July Last Day of Summer Term

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Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

JULY 2017

  • AUGUST 2017

  • THU 17TH - Sixth Form AS & A Level Results Day, 8am to 11.30am

  • THU 24TH - YR 11 GCSE Results Day

  • THU 24TH - YR 12 Enrolment
  • SEPTEMBER 2017

  • MON 4TH - Year 12 into Year 13 Enrolment, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

  • WED 6TH - New Year 12 students' Induction, 8.50am

  • THU 7TH - New Year 13 students' Induction, 8.50am

  • THU 7TH - Start of lessons for all Sixth Formers
  • OCTOBER 2017

  • WED 4TH - Secondary Transfer Open Evening, 5pm - Head's talk begins at 6pm

  • SAT 7TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.30am to 11am

  • TUE 10TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.15am to 10.30am

  • WED 11TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.15am to 10.30am

  • THU 12TH - Secondary Transfer Open Morning, 9.15am to 10.30am