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Business Studies

Welcome to Business Studies at St Aloysius' College


Mrs J. Coyle Head of Department
Miss R. Pabila Assistant Head

Courses offered

  • Y10 Applied Business
  • Y11 Applied Business
  • Y12/Y13 Business

Is this the right subject for me?

If you are interested in the world of business then the GCSE in Applied Business would be a good option to choose. The course is based on investigating actual businesses plus an introduction to business finance. It is ‘applied’ because you use what you learn to understand the businesses you investigate.

If you want to:

  1. Learn about and understand the world of business
  2. Develop skills in the financial aspects of business
  3. Carry out research away from, as well as within, the classroom
  4. Learn how to work in a team with other members of the class
  5. Learn through investigation, rather than through listening and reading
  6. Then this may be right for you and different from other subjects that you have studied previously.

What will I learn?

The business world is constantly changing. This course will give you the chance to learn about these changes as well as covering conventional material. There are four units.

Unit 1

This unit is an investigation into what business enterprise is all about, including how businesses are organised and how people are involved. It also looks at new issues such as ‘ethical’ and ‘green’ business. You will focus on one local and one national or international business.

Unit 2

This unit focuses on how businesses record financial transactions, make payments and keep records of how well they are doing. You will learn about balance sheets and profit and loss accounts and how to use these to understand business performance in a practical context.

(Units 1 and 2 make up the GCSE Single Award.)

Unit 3

This unit builds on the ‘people’ aspect of Unit 1 and looks at customer service, recruitment (including CVs and applying for jobs) as well as legal aspects affecting businesses, for example consumer protection. It also examines how businesses are affected by factors outside their control, such as economic trends. Again, you will choose two businesses to investigate.

Unit 4

This builds on Unit 2 and examines how businesses plan their finances, looking at topics such as cash flow and break-even forecasts together with how businesses budget and finance themselves. These aspects are looked at in relation to particular examples.

(Units 1-4 make up the GCSE Double Award.)

How will I be assessed?

The course is modular and flexible so you can complete either a Single or Double Award (worth one or two GCSE passes). In St Aloysius College we will complete the single award because of the time allowed on the curriculum. Most students take two years to complete either award but you can take units in both years.

Units 1 and 3 are based on coursework. You will investigate your two chosen businesses and use the information you gather to respond to tasks set by Edexcel under supervised conditions. These tasks will be published in advance so that you will know what to expect! The completed tasks will be submitted to Edexcel once they have been marked by your teachers.

For both Unit 2 and Unit 4 there is a 60-minute written examination based on a business scenario. You will use what you have learned to answer the questions. Most students will take one exam in Year 10 and one in Year 11 but there will be an opportunity to sit Unit 2 in each year allowing a resit to help improve your grade.

Fun things we do!

Trips and visits

Trips and visits are an integral part of investigating business after all, how can you understand a business without knowing what they do! Businesses we have visited include, Thorpe Park, Booze Allen, Business Design Centre Islington, Waitroses and many others.


Competitions, we have run and been involved in a number of competitions last year including Young Entrepreneurs, Dragons Den, and the current Year 10 & 11’s have been involved in Young Counsumers of the Year Competition and IFS Shares competition. We have even run our own businesses, selling the proceeds to make a profit. One of the most fun was the development of Delicious @ StAloysius – our allotment businesses

What do I need to know, or be able to do, before taking this course?

There are no formal requirements. An interest in ‘business’ and what businesses do, a creative mind, together with a willingness to work hard, and a reasonable standard of English and maths ( level 5 and above), all would be helpful but the course is open to everyone.

What can I do after I have completed the course?

The Edexcel GCSE in Applied Business is a useful qualification in its own right. The flexible nature of the course gives you the opportunity to gain either one or two GCSE passes.

Business studies have strong links with lots of other subjects and develop skills such as IT, as well as enhancing your communication and mathematical skills. The GCSE Applied Business leads naturally to A Level and the GCE Applied Business, BTEC Nationals in Business, and to courses in Finance and Information and Communication Technology. Job opportunities include Traineeships or Apprenticeships in Finance, Administration and Clerical occupations.

Next steps!

If you are interested in studying the GCSE in Applied Business, you should start to find out more about the subject. Here are some things to do:

  1. Talk to your business or general studies teacher Mrs Coyle
  2. Find out what they are planning for you
  3. Ask Year 10 and 11 students how they have on with the subject!
  4. Look on the Edexcel website and follow the links to the new GCSE starting in 2009. There is a lot of useful information there about what you will be studying and how you will be assessed
  5. Go on the internet and type in ‘GCSE Applied Business’ to give you an idea of what there is to help you.

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