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Our Staff

All of our outstanding staff are hard working and committed, to ensure that our pupils receive first rate educational experience.

Executive Head Teacher - Ms J. Heffernan:

Associate Head Teacher - Mr B. Lawrence:

Deputy Head Teacher - Mr P. Collins:

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs J. Nelson:

Assistant Head Teacher - Ms S. Kisten:

Heads of Year:

Year 7 - Mr Mugglestone:

Year 8 - Miss Garrib:

Year 9 - Mrs Sogojeva:

Year 10 - Mr Neville:

Year 11 - Mr Crowley:

Sixth Form - Ms. Mauris-Blanc:

Heads of Departments:

ICT - Mrs Acquah:

RE - Mr Campbell:

EAL - Ms Helen Flavin:

Business Studies - Mrs Coyle:

Art - Mr Doherty:

English - Ms Doorly (KS4): and Miss Cull (KS3):

DT - Mr Frazer:

Languages - Mr Gaye:

Science - Ms Kisten:

Psychology - Ms Mannion:

Geography - Mr Mahmoud: and Ms Briody:

History - Mrs Rimmer:

PE - Mr Henderson:

SENDCO - Mrs Switonski & Ms Frieden:

Maths - Ms Toprak:

Music - Mr Graham:

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Social Media

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